suicideM. A. LAtif

Alas, I am a student of Dhaka University. Dearest Readers, are you being amazed that used the word ‘Alas’. Nothing to be charmed.

Really now I am so much dazed that I am a student of DU, successor of Mahbub shaheen who suicides from disappointed mind.

You know that DU is the prime and prominent University of the country including the Indian sub-continent. ask sai baba Let’s go to details.

In the Sociology ‘The suicide’ is an analytical book by French sociologist Emile Durkheim.

He analyses in the book why and when commit suicide. Egoistic, Altruistic, Anomic, Fatalistic are the four types of suicide.

Now I will analyze suicide of Mahbub shaheen is which kind of suicide?

Is he loyal for his leaving life or we and our society?

Durkheim says, Anomic suicide is a salient feature of a modern society.

when social laws, order, stability, solidarity break up is called anomic society and if in this society anybody do suicide it is called anomic suicide.

Could you deny that now our society is not in a instable and unlawful position? No, you can’t, It has so much lack of solidarity and morality.

Corruption, nepotism, violence, lies are available in the society. We all want to get everything as myself.

On the other hand, murdering, abduction, violating laws, threat and incest are frequent phenomena in our daily life. Social contract and belief are in a brittle curve. We have no need of this kind of ultra-modern society, which kills our brothers, relatives and dears.

Mahbub shaheen, student of department of Geography and environment, is a killing of this uncivilized society.

If uncivilized culture and behavior not be eradicated, as like as mahbub shaheen’s many more students will commit suicide. And when they will begin to suicidal attack on you, where will you flee?

Must they find out you from the whole of invisible place. You have to attain the condition of them. So we should be cautious from now and this moment.

We have to answer to the creator here life or after life. It is obligatory asking for us.

Author: Student of Dhaka University

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