Shah Abdul Hannan

In Peshawar Tliban, Pakistan, has killed 141 persons including132 students in a public school.Pakistani people are in deep grief over this incident.Three days national mourning has been declared by the government.All parties in Pakistan have united on this issue and decided to formulate a strategy to deal with situation. Imran khan has withdrawn his four month agitation.

What Taliban wants? They want Shariah state.Pakistan is already an Islamic state by its constitution which provides that Allah is Sovereign and people will rule as per Allah’s teaching.Quran and Sunnah are source of law.There is Zakat Act.Evidence Act has been amended in the light of Islam.There is also Hadud law there (laws relating to prescribed punishment in the Quran and Sunnah such as theft , dacoity, Zina, Zina bil Zabr).

Of course there are implementation inadequacies and problems.If Taliban wants better implementation, they should not resort to rebellion or terrorism, rather they should contest election and if they get mandate they should implement better.

Prophet (sm) worked through existing system.In Macca, he depended on peaceful Dawah because that was the only practical option.In Madina, as circumstances permitted, he entered into a treaty with Jews and established the first Islamic state peacefully.During Khilafate Rashida time, all Khulafa were chosen by the people.In the case of third Khalifa, public opinion was assessed in Madina and Usman (RA) was declared Khalifa.The opinion of only Madina was assessed as it was not possible to hold general election like today.

For this reason, all mainstream Islamic parties follow peaceful democratic method, reject terrorism and violence,they are Wasatiya or middle roader as declared in the Quran.
Extremists have increased in the Muslim world in the last thirty years, the Taliban, Pakistan; Taliban, Afganistan; Boko Haram in Nigeria;Khilafatists in North Iraq etc. They are terrorist groups, do not follow peaceful method, want to bring change by force, they kill civilians,they believe in suicide bombing.

The extremists are bringing bad name to Islam.All should stand against them.Senior Ulama should counsel them.If needed, they should be uprooted by force.

Some people may try to blame Islam or main stream Islamic parties also for this situation , taking advantage of these terrorist activities.This will be unfair.

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