attractive-personalityAccording to Napoleon Hill (Writer of The Law of Success), there are seven important factors that enter into the development of an “attractive personality.” Pay particular attention to the second and fourth factor, as he claims that these are most important. The essence of Mr. Spanish to English site database Hill’s seven factors are highlighted here. While his book is from another time and another century, the relevance for today’s job seeker is timeless:

  1. Interest yourself in other people – find out about them and speak of them in terms of praise.
  2. Develop an ability to speak with force and conviction, in day-to-day conversations and in public speaking.
  3. Dress in a fashion that showcases your physical build and occupation. (His exact words: “Clothe yourself in a style…). 
  4. Develop a positive character.
  5. Learn how to shake hands to express warmth and enthusiasm.
  6. Attract other people to you by first “attracting yourself” to them.
  7. Your only limitation (within reason) is what you establish in your own mind. 

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